About Envirosan International

We are the COMESA Region representatives of the Bioguarde and Bioclean range of products.


  Environmental stewardship and protecting natural resources for future generations through
conservation, compliance and commitment.

The focus of our business is our customers. Understanding their needs and offering new solutions and the best possible service eases the workload of our customers both literally and figuratively. We aim to strengthen customer loyalty and to further increase customer satisfaction. For us, growth is not a means to an end. Above all, the quality of that growth is important to us. Thanks to sustained, above-average investments in research and development, we intend not only to maintain our leading edge, but to keep ahead of the competition.


   To be the leading provider of natural solutions to environmental challenges in Africa.Sustainability of our rate of growth while ensuring to increase our profitability in order to improve our competitive edge and the market position of our company in Kenya and the rest of the world in future.




Bio Clean


Bio Guarde


Solar Bee