Frequently Asked Questions.


1. What is the nature of your products?

Our products are formulated from naturally existing enzymesand nutrients which act to enhance existing microbes in the existing waste water to digest the pollutants and produce CO2 and water only.


2. What are the advantages of using your products?

Conventional methods usually require the use of harsh chemicals which are not only environmentally harmful but also expensive and require extensive technical knowledge in application. this is NOT the case with our products.


3. What situation can your product range treat?

  All situations where there is bio-degradable organic waste and alsoheavy metals can be digested by our products. The residual sludge is very small in quantity while the rest of the organic material is digested to give of carbon dioxide and water which are totally harmless.


4. How often will i be required to use your products?

Depending on your situation, and our evaluation, some cases may require higher doses depending on the level of pollution. But on average, initial Shock treatment will suffice to reduce the pollution load significantly and hence subsequent treatment will be less compared to the cost of conventional treatment. Ours will definitely be competitive.



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