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The Basis of our Technology.
We are shifting from a chemical world to a biological world with the progress of biotechnology. This technology essentially involves the creation and application of the knowledge base that exists. 

There are millions of species of bacteria on earth. Though we get infections from bacteria, such harmful bacteria constitute an insignificant part of the bacterial population. In fact most of the bacteria are beneficial to maintain the ecology of the earth. Some species of bacteria are more potent and powerful than others. The process of decomposition or biodegradation requires bacteria from nature. 

These products utilize specific functions of microbes to bring about desired biochemical changes. The application of our technology is currently focused on agriculture, aquaculture, environment and industrial spheres. The technology has been developed using inter-disciplinary sciences of microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, fermentation and pharmaceutical technology. 

The technology represents over thirty-five man-years of research. Up to date over 3000 selected strains of bacteria have been accumulated. Each of the products developed may contain up to 94 different strains of bacteria. We believe that this biodiversity gives our products a unique effectiveness over different operating conditions.



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